The Best Vaporizer With Convection Heating To Keep At Home Under 200$

When it comes to a desktop vaporizer that you keep at home to relax with at night, it’s easy to end up spending a whole lot of cash. Some models like The Volcano can run you upwards of 400$ and while it might be worth it for the insanely high quality vapor it provides, some people could never justify spending that much on a vaporizer in a thousand years. Don’t fret though, because there are plenty of other options if you look around enough. New companies are creating original designs every single day and the vaporizer scene is ever changing, so if you’re on a budget and would prefer not to spend more than 200$ on a desktop vaporizer for your home, allow me to present to you one of the best vaporizers 190$ can get you.

Da Buddha by 7th Floor vapes is a very interesting and unique take on desktop vaporizers. It’s also quite small and comes with its very own padded carrying bag, so it isn’t entirely out of the question to travel with it or bring it to a friend’s house every now and again, but do be careful of course. Using it is as simple as its design too. Switch it on and turn the knob to whatever temperature your lungs may desire, then give it a good two to four minutes to heat up, depending on the selected temperature of course. As it heats up, grind up that herb of yours and load it into the wand. When you see the heating element glowing that indicates that it’s primed at the temperature you set it to, and you can connect the glass wand to the heater cover and begin pulling through the whip.

For its price, it’s just about the best vaporizer you can hope for that delivers super high quality vapor due to its many glass components. Due to all the glass, be extra careful when travelling with it even if you are using the padded bag. Da Buddha also comes with replacement screens, and it’s super simple to take apart and clean. A manufacturing warranty of three years is also applied to every model so you can rest easy with zero stress if you discover any defects.