How to Care for Your Type 2a Hair

If you are looking for ways to take care of your type 2a hair, then you are reading the right page. Taking care of this type of hair can be challenging especially if you don’t know how to handle it. but with the tips we are going to highlight here, you will definitely be a happy owner of 2a hair.

This type of hair consists of more defined waves and relaxed curls. As such, in most cases your hair becomes frizzy and hard to style. The hair also doesn’t keep the curls for a long time. So, try these tips for your 2a hair and soon you will see great results.

  1. Diffusing.

This is one of the best ways to care for your type 2a hair. use a diffuser. Never opt for blow-dry as this will make it worse.  The diffusing method is excellent way to go when it comes to creating the curls and waves, while enhancing the bounce of the hair.

  1. Apply Hair Products on Wet Hair.

 It is recommended to apply products on your 2a hair when it is damp. This is because the product doesn’t drip, rather it makes the hair more defined. By drying the water after applying the product, you further remove the unwanted weight and that is a great way to define your hair. Since this type of hair doesn’t keep the definition for long, it is essential to get rid of elements that cause this issue and weight is one of them.

  1. Gel Is Your Best Friend.

 Though you might hate gel, when it comes to taking care of your friend, it can be your best friend. Many people don’t like it since it makes the hair crunchy. This effect is brought by the fact that the gel creates a cover on your curls when drying and as such the resultant shape is poor because it is created when the curls are in most poor state, which is when it is damp. So, to resolve this issue, wait until the hair is dry and remove the cover and you will have a glossy and well-defined hair.

  1. Microfibre Towel.

Be warned, never use this on your hair, instead use regular bathroom towel. If you use a microfibre towel, you are simply encouraging your hair to be more frizzy and messier. Those subtle fibres usually rough up the ends of your hair and create frizz. So, use regular towel to get water out of your hair since it is much gentler on your head.

  1. Scrunch, Don’t Smooth.

When applying the product on your 2a hair, don’t smooth but scrunch. Scrunching encouraging formation of curls and doesn’t interfere with the pattern of your hair.