A History and Analysis of Waiakea Water

Consumers have thousands of different bottled waters to choose from. The water industry has grown significantly in just over a decade. People who purchase bottled water already know that not all water is the same. Everyone has their own favorite water brands, whether it’s due to the nutritional benefits or maybe they are just drawn to the packaging.

One brand of bottled water is working hard to show exactly why all water isn’t created equal. That brand is Waiakea, natural mineral water from Hawaii.

There are several things that set Waiakea water apart from all other brands of water;

Waiakea Water pH Value

Ordinary water has a pH value of 7; Waiakea water’s pH value is around 8.8. There is nothing to fear with the strange value here. The water in Waiakea’s bottles is filtered through natural rock formations, leaving behind a variety of different healthy minerals. Normal water has a pH value of 7 because it is pure water with no added minerals. The pH value may be a little odd, but there is nothing unhealthy about Waiakea water pH value.

Volcanic Filtering

One of the most bizarre things that set Waiakea apart from other brands is its filtration process. Waiakea is a Hawaii volcanic water, meaning it is spring water that flows natural through volcanic rock formations. It is the only Hawaii volcanic water of its type, meaning there is no competition. If you want water that is filtered through volcanic rock and contains healthy minerals, Waiakea Water is the only option.

The filtration process is the only source of minerals in Waiakea water. Nothing is added to Waiakea’s water that doesn’t naturally occur in Hawaii’s volcanic springs.

All of the water is taken from Mauna Loa, which means “Long Mountain” in Hawaiian. The water flowing around this volcano is constantly in motion due to the area’s heavy rainfall: it rains a majority of the year here. This creates one of the freshest springs in the world, and the water is never stagnant.

The Packaging

It isn’t only the water that is unique with the Waiakea brand. The bottle is miles ahead of their competition as well. Not only does the bottle look stylish and light, it is also good for the environment. It can take up to a thousand years for normal bottles to degrade in our Earth’s oceans; Waiakea’s bottles degrade in only a tiny fraction of the time.

Health Benefits

Waiakea water is even better for your health than normal waters. Waiakea, in addition to being a spring water, is also an alkaline water. Alkaline water is known to neutralize stomach acid. This means Waiakea water is a natural detourant of acid reflux.

The Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine have backed up this claim. In 2010, a study was published confirming that improving the acid-base balance in the human body also resulted in better hydration.

About Ryan Emmons

Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea Water. In just one year, Ryan Emmons took his idea and made it a reality. Emmons wanted to help the Earth. He was already involved in clean water NGOs in Africa, but he wanted to create his own company to help with the Earth’s problems.

Growing up in Hawaii, Emmons recalled drinking his families well water and thinking that it was far superior to the water he had back in California. He decided to take this water, bottle it and see if it would sell.

Waiakea was launched in 2012.